What makes the UTS education different?

Extra credits for UTS students

At UTS, students in F1 (Grade 7) to M3 (Grade 9) take 10 subjects per year, allowing them to gain a breadth of knowledge across a range of disciplines, and in the processĀ earn two more credits per year than students at any other Ontario secondary school. This means than as early as F2 (Grade 8), students begin to take Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits, and by the time they finished M3 (Grade 9), most UTS students have already completed on average 14 credits, which is almost half the credit requirements for the OSSD.

Extra teaching time for UTS students

Thanks to our enriched and accelerated academic program, UTS students receive up to 25% more teaching time than what is offered at other Ontario secondary schools.

An in-depth liberal arts education

As students enter S5 (Grade 11) and S6 (Grade 12), they gain more depth in their classes and start to specialize their studies. Our liberal arts program means students can choose from three different arts, three different sciences, math, languages, and social science.

Teachers at UTS

We at UTS are proud of the high quality of our teaching staff, many of whom have earned PhDs, have been recognized with awards in their specialties, and are all subject specialists.

The UTS Diploma

In addition to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, UTS students receive the UTS Diploma, which consists of the traditional OSSD requirements plus an additional five to seven secondary school credits taken with enrichment and an addition 20 hours of community service.

Pathway to socially responsible global citizens

Student come to UTS with many talents and gifts, and when they leave UTS we want them to use their talents and gifts to make the world a better place. One of the ways we support that is through year-long learning themes that guide them through their time at UTS.