Mentorship builds bridges to the future

The role of mentoring before, during, and after UTS

Whether in a busy, bustling classroom after school or behind a webcam, the UTS community hosts a rich tradition of mentoring. It begins even before students start their first day with Branching In, and continues with Branching Out, which connects alumni of all ages and industries with students in their S5 (Grade 11) year to help them navigate the transition through their final year and on to university.

Branching In

F1 (Grade 7) integration into our UTS community starts in the summer! In this interactive online adventure, ‘Young Jedis’ get to create a personal Bitmoji, explore all things UTS and build new relationships. Students get to know their classmates through the FIipgrid video app and they work with their S5 (Grade 11) buddies to complete weekly Branching In ‘Missions.’ A great way to welcome our new students!

Branching Out

The Branching Out program connects senior students with UTS alumni for advice and support as they look ahead to university and their careers. 

The Branching Out program helped me become comfortable with growing up! I learned growing up doesn’t mean giving up your passions – you can pursue them in different ways. Through the program, I’ve become less stressed about making big decisions. I’ve been able to gain clarity on what I really care about and know I’ll be happy wherever I land!

Della ’20, Former mentee

Giving back to UTS as a Branching Out mentor is a phenomenally rewarding experience, and is an exciting way to stay connected with the school and its students, who year after year impress me in new and exciting ways.

Emma Jenkin ’03, Former Branching Out Mentor
Mentors and students settle for a speed-round of informational interviews.
Branching Out bringing together alumni from a wide range of work and life experiences to give back to current students planning for their final year at UTS and beyond.
Alumni meet with current students to share life and work experiences.

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